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How To Delete My KOYN Account
How To Delete My KOYN Account
Updated over a week ago

We understand that circumstances may change, and you might need to delete your Koyn account. Here's a simple guide to assist you in this process:

To delete your Koyn account:

1. Login to the Koyn App: Open the Koyn app on your device and log in using your credentials.

2. Account Settings: Once logged in, go to the 'Account' section within the app.
โ€‹3. Select "Delete Account": Within the Account settings, you'll find the option to delete

your account. Click on "Delete Account" to proceed.

Following the submission of your account deletion request, a 60-day waiting period ensues. During this time, your account and all associated information will remain intact.

However, after this period, all your data will be permanently deleted, making it unrecoverable. Please note, during this 60-day window, your content remains subject to our Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy

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